Marc Chagall, "The Music" (1963)

Music at Beth El

Music at Beth El is intended to enhance the spiritual quality of our Temple experience and everyone is encouraged to participate as fully as they choose. Lay members of our congregation lead music for Shabbat and holiday services. We have a High Holiday choir, which rehearses through the summer and early fall.  Choir members then also take turns, individually or in small groups, to lead singing on all Rabbi-led services throughout the year. Music is also integrated into the Religious School curriculum at every level. Don Smith, our pianist, has been our accompanying us for many years. We have a body of melodies that the congregation is familiar with, but also introduce new melodies periodically at the suggestion of choir members.  The choir is always welcoming of new voices. Currently, Ron Ornstein is the liaison between the choir and the Board of Directors. Requests for musical services for life cycle events (B’nai Mitzvot, etc…) may be arranged with him.