Introducing a Blog to you

Some of you may wonder what I think about at times.... Others may recall that I have been involved in learning and teaching about issues relating to the Jewish approach to the end of life, death, funerals, mourning, and remembrance.

At this juncture, I want to suggest the blog for the organization known as Kavod v'Nichum - Honor & Comfort. You may think it morbid as a topic, but perhaps you will change your mind as you see what appears in that blog. 

The introductory entry describes a little of what the blog intends to talk about. You can find it HERE

From there, you can scroll through the other entries. The ones posted recently tell about Shmirah - Guarding the Body of a Friend; then a story about Taharah - She is Pure; the thoughts of a woman who is a Funeral Director and head of the Chevrah Kadisha - Isn't it Depressing?; and a post that seemed to resonate even more than it would have at other times in light of the news from Israel, about those Taharot that remain in mind for a long-time Chevrah Kadisha member - These I Remember.  

A new entry appears weekly - perhaps you will be interested in visiting to see what is added. 

I hope that you find these stories and this blog Inspiring - not morbid of depressing. 

Rabbi Joe