Oh Brave New World!

So here I am, entering the very first entry to my new blog.... Not quite sure what it is, or what I should be doing. But here all the same.

So what is a rabbi doing involved in the mysterious world of technology? Uh, if you figure it out, would you let me know? But, as we learn G-d said about creation, Yehi tov, it will be/is good.

Every new technology has a potential to be used for good, as much as for ill. It is up to us to make the choice. To exercise our free will, and lean towards the side of the Yetzer Hatov (the inclination towards good), as opposed to the Yetzer Hara (the inclination towards the not good). The ability to choose is essential to us, for it is what differentiates us as being human. [More on this another time.]

I will return and try to post something regularly. Please come back and check it out. Feel free to let me know how you think I am doing, and to offer your comments, thoughts, or ideas.

Shalom uvrakha!

Rabbi Joe Blair