A respite....

The spate of fall holidays has ended. We have come to the time of calm after the storm. We have a period of about eight weeks this year with the only holiday being Shabbat, the weekly sabbath, and Rosh Chodesh, the new month.

It strikes me that this period of regularity and 'normalcy' is a welcome time, a chance to regain balance and perspective after the exciting but disruptive period of so many holidays and so much emotional energy. There is an almost frantic pace that the holiday period raises. We need the break, a respite from all the emotional energy that the holidays generate and absorb.

Perhaps there is method to the madness: the alternation of the time of excitement and observances and the more placid time following may be a healthy approach, allowing us to scale the heights and traverse the lows, on the one hand, and to stroll placidly on the straight, smooth paths on the other.

May we all enjoy and benefit from this quieter time, and use it to refresh ourselves, and to reflect and to pray for peace.


Rabbi Joe Blair

Oct 24, 2006