What does your Rabbi do? Part 3

Rabbi Joe Blair

December 24, 2007  


I have conducted a wide variety of religious services in the course of the year. In addition to regular Shabbat evening (Friday) services, we have had (or will have,  again, in the order following the Jewish calendar): a Tisha Be’Av commemoration; a Selichot service and program before High Holidays; several Shabbat morning services; B’nai Mitzvah services; Yizkor services; a Tashlich service; a

 Consecration service; two Community Awareness Shabbat services; our Chanukah service, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Yom HaShoah, and Yom Ha’atzma’ut/Yom Hazikaron holiday/commemoration services; as well as Religious School, Confirmation, and Youth Group services.  We conducted a lovely Tu Bi’Shevat Seder and a very successful Pesach/Passover Seder. In the course of the year, 

I have conducted several weddings and a few baby namings/britot milah, as well as several funerals and/or memorial services, and unveilings.  

An experiment in this category that I would like to try in the coming year is to hold a few ‘healing services’ to gauge interest and need. 

In February we will hold a song session where we will learn and practice some of the songs, old and new, for our services. I hope that this will prove popular, and that we can begin to encourage more of our congregants to learn and join in singing. 

Bikkur Cholim: 

I have tried to make myself available in person or by phone to all who were hospitalized, home-bound, or otherwise might appreciate contact. This has included visiting congregants in RMH, AMC, UVA, several care facilities, and at individual’s homes. Most often, I do this by staying in touch by telephone and/or email due to other calls on my time.  I have also supported the formation of the Caring Committee to assist in this function, and that has worked well (many thanks to the members and all those supporting and assisting them).